Timo Scharf, is a singer-songwriter from Germany. He has toured the world with his acoustic guitar, singing songs of catharsis, loss and self discovery, eventually finding a strong spiritual connection to Scotland where he landed in 2018 to record his debut record with UK indie legend Rod Jones (Idlewild).

This May 28th, Timo will release his latest single “Somebody”.

Continuing his strong connection with UK music, “Somebody” is produced by Buzz Killer (Seafret, Jack Savoretti, Saint Phnx) and co-written with November Lights’ James Hopkins, and Londoners Marc Dowding and Charlie Finn. The song signals a new direction for Timo, evolving away from his previous Americana inspired sound towards a more modern, singer-songwriter-pop space, reminiscent of artists like Declan Donavan, Hozier and Calum Scott. Signalling a new found artistic confidence and ambition for bigger things.

Written and recorded between London, Hamburg and Glasgow, “Somebody” tells a story of a lost love. One that many of us have a lived experience of. The song’s lyrics transcend a simple love story to have meaning for all of us when in times of struggle – “Somebody give me something, I’ve got a heavy heart” – sings Timo in the song’s chorus. This is a beautiful, uplifting piano ballad that breeds hope out of sadness.

There is more to come for Timo in 2021, expect more soon from this year’s big male vocal prospect.

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